giving you a glimpse into my mind

giving you a glimpse into my mind

Legal Drinking Age: Should it stay or go?

I firmly believe that the legal drinking age in the United States should be changed from twenty one to eighteen. Everyone knows that teenagers have ways to get their hands on alcohol. When you turn 18 you get a lot of freedoms that you did not previously have. You can vote, go to war, you can smoke, get a tattoo. If you can do all of those things legally you should be able to legally have an alcoholic beverage. When you are 18 it can be fun to drink with friends. So many teenagers do it because they feel a sense of freedom that they should be able to experience without the fear of getting in trouble with authority. According to The Office of the Surgeon General, alcohol is the most abused substance by underaged teens. They also stated that lowering the drinking age from 21 would be a good step in the right direction of preventing health-risk behavior. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the drinking age is the leading cause of mortality among youth.

Many parents don’t teach their children about drinking safely probably because they don’t think that their kids are doing it. Many teenagers want to feel like they are “rebelling” against their parents, they also find drinking to be something fun and new. A lot of times they get carried away because they cant get alcohol whenever they want so they start to binge drink when they go to parties or are able to get their hands on alcohol. If the drinking age was lowered and their was more open dialogue about the dangers of drinking and driving then I feel as though the rate of alcohol rated teen deaths would drop significantly.


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