giving you a glimpse into my mind

giving you a glimpse into my mind

The Border Wall

There should not be a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico. There are many factors that go into why the wall should not be built. First of all, the United States is already in major debt. The building of the wall would only add a huge amount of debt for no reason. People think that people come to the United States to cause crime and to sell drugs. The reality is that most people come to the United States to seek asylum from their home countries and get away from criminal activity.

While I agree that the wall would help cut down on human trafficking, illegal immigration, and drug trafficking rates it does not get to the root of the problem so in the long run people will find a way to get into the United States. The wall is not just problematic for people. Building the wall will have serious repercussions on the environment. In an interview with MSNBC, Jeff Corwin, a wildlife biologist, and nature conservationist stated that “If this border wall actually happens, it will be an environmental catastrophe. Essentially, what it’s doing is cutting through nature’s bridge, which connects Central America to North America and South America. Wildlife have been using this natural corridor for millions of years. And, essentially, what this administration wants to do is put a twelve-hundred mile long barrier right through it” ( More of the immigrants that are here illegally are here because they overstay their visa’s not because they crossed the border illegally. A wall is not going to stop people from overstaying their visa’s.

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